Having worked with many brands of chef knives set, i concluded that they may all serve the same purpose if used but there will always those that have an upper edge over other knives. It is therefore important to correctly choose the right brand that will meet your every need in the kitchen and a brand that is also long lasting. For that reason i will try and expound on some of the best brands i have come across in my line of duty.

Victorinox chef knife

Top on my list of the chef knife brands is the Messermeister Meridian Elite chef knife which is a German made knife that comes in 9 inches and has a partial bolster which makes it easier to sharpen at home. It is also uber shaped and comes from the factory when it is highly polished and the polish can last for a substantial amount of time even with frequent washing.

Second on the list is definitely the Victorinox chef knife that comes in 8 inches. This German made beauty comes with a stamp so that you do not always have to sharpen it and the maintenance is also easy as it can be hand washed in the kitchen without much worry. It is also the best choice for those on a tight budget but wish to acquire a quality piece of chef knife.
There are also other reputable chef knife brands like the Shun,Santoku and Mac which are Japanese made brands.

The list might be endless but there are other factors that you may have to put in place before finally picking on a specific brand like the heaviness or lightness of he knife, the sharposity of the knife, the size of your hands and finally the beauty of the knife if it might really count.
With those tips am pretty sure you will not miss on a brand to pick from.

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