Never Knew I Needed A Kitchen Shear

I used to think that a normal pair of scissors could get that the job done because purchasing a kitchen shear is not exactly cheap. However, my mother-in-law had advice me to invest in a good kitchen shear as it will change the way I cook. At that time, I didn’t believe her but I did purchase a knife set with block which had a pair of shears. I did this because I didn’t want to give out a bad impression. In the end, she was right.

Type of Kitchen Shears

Now, a kitchen shear is nothing like a normal scissor. There are many type of kitchen shears. There are serrated blade kitchen shears that help you cut through chicken joints as well as fish fillets. I have discovered a multipurpose kitchen shear that had a bottle opener in the handle.

If you use the kitchen shear for long periods, you can even purchase rubber handle ones to provide more comfort. A kitchen shear can easily get things done without taking out your knife and a cutting board as the blade is the same as the knife. I’m now recommending them to my friends as I am very satisfied with my own kitchen shear.