Today, in this article, we’ll be doing something different. Instead of showing you the pros and cons, we’ll be talking about what this product is and how it has affected my life as an owner. I just wanted to tell you before we start that don’t read it with high expectations, because I don’t know what I’ll write after this. So, if you can bear my no-nonsense explanation of this cook n home cookware set, go on and start reading!

Cook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware Set

budget ceramic cookware set

A Good Ceramic Set Purchased !

Firstly, I’ll tell you how this all started. I bought a really good stainless steel set a few years ago. It was pretty good, and lasted me for a long time before a really big disaster happened. My house got burned. After shifting the remains into a new one with my family, we started buying the stuff we lost in the fire. Inevitably, we first needed to fill our kitchen, and with a tight budget, we went to the market with low expectations that we can find a good cookware set under $75. To our surprise, we saw this set by Cook n Home. We thought that it would be out of our range, but my wife persisted to ask the price because she really liked it. I went on ahead and asked the price, and as soon as he told them to me, I slammed the money on his counter before he even asked whether I wanted to buy it or not. And up to today, it still hasn’t broken or even gotten scratched.

What Did My New Ceramic Cookware Set Look Like ?

Now then, I’ll tell you how the product is. I got it in red color, as it complimented nicely with my black cook top. The set is amazing. The non-stick coating is really thick, and the PTFE-Free, PFOA-Free ceramic coating is like cherry on top of the cake. The exterior is color paint resistant to high temperatures, meaning that the paint will not chip off when put on high heat. Speaking of heat, I did some tests, and to my surprise, the cookware didn’t break a sweat in the oven OR the microwave. My wife doesn’t use the glass lids, but they are a great addition to the already good package.

So, if you are thinking of getting a really good budget ceramic cookware set, then this set is made for you. I promise you that if you get this set, you are sure to be more than satisfied!

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