Families expert on drinks and coffee

It was November of 2013, and I had just come home from cold New York to Florida. I had to move back in with my mom. While she was happy to have me home, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a step back. I had gone to school for two years only to be known as the families expert on drinks and coffee.

The Odd Jobs

You see, while I was in college, I began working at Starbucks during my off time. When I graduated, I upgraded my evenings to tending bar at a local pub. Living in expensive New York was not a problem but once the student loans started piling on it became a problem. So I moved back home, but it no longer felt like home. I can tell my mom was trying by sending me a bunch of applications for jobs in my field, but I just felt like it was a lost cause.

The Starbucks Espresso Machine

But one day she comes to my door and asks me “James, do you know what the best home espresso machine under 200 dollars for 2016?” Short answer, no. Of course, I didn’t know, just because I work at Starbucks doesn’t mean I know everything about coffee. So reluctantly, I agreed to help her because I at least knew more than her. So I went to work, at the height of pumpkin spice season and saw that Starbucks was launching their coffee machine called the Verismo and that it was priced at $179. With my discount, it could go even lower.

But just because this thing had a great price tag didn’t mean I was a sucker. I’m not going to take my paycheck and give it right back to them so easily. I did some research first. I sat down at the old computer (my cell phone), and I typed in the phrase “Verismo v.s. Keurig v.s. Nespresso” and found the jackpot and i end up at bisuzscoffee where they have a detail reviews about coffee and espresso machines.

The Sleek And Wonderful Verismo

The jackpot was in an old article from a now dead website with the headline “Which coffee maker is the best espresso machine under 200?!” Needless to say, it was an article that was a little favoured toward the Nespresso after all; the Verismo had just been released maybe 48 hours before. But I liked what I read. So I went, and I shelled out the money and took a chance. I used my markout from being a ‘partner’ and took some espresso home to my mom, and we tasted coffee together.

Good Quality Of Espressos

It created a pretty neat shot of espresso; it pulled the foam for a long time so that it had a nice and soft top layer. This layer made it extra sweet and still delivered a great caffeine kick. But it was more than just a cup of coffee at that moment, it was more than just finding the best espresso machine under 200, it was about being with my mom. I was laughing with my mom, and we were talking about stuff. A few more cups of coffee later and I was smiling and happy for the first time since I’d left New York, and at that moment it felt like I hadn’t smiled like that since I left home. It’s good to be back home.

To Those Who Don’t Have A Clue About Espressos

Coffee made using espresso machines is very rich and has proven to be more popular compared to brewed coffee. Espresso kind of coffee obtains its original classic taste from the direct blending process that occurs when hot boiling water seeps through the coffee beans while siphoning the flavor. The beans are finely ground and pressurized in a fashion that produces the perfect concoction required for the final product. As you make your own espresso, you get to inhale that sweet smelling aroma that emanates from the burning coffee beans, which is like nothing you have never smelt before.(Yes, it certainly is)

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